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Corporate and Entity Creation

We assist clients in the creation and negotiation of limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships.

Our representation includes the determination of the most advantageous jurisdiction in which to form the entity and the most advantageous structure. Our experience in creating and negotiating hundred of entities and ventures has given us insight and creativity that can be used to solve problems and achieve a client’s objectives.

We are experienced in the negotiation of complex multi-level entity structures and use that experience to advise our clients in the early stage of entity formation and design. We regularly structure investment vehicles with multiple classes of equity participants to allow the utmost flexibility when investors have differing objectives. We have experience negotiating equity investments from both the promoter side and the investor side, and can quickly and efficiently negotiate to achieve the desired results.

We also represent clients in the creation and negotiation of real estate equity funds, designed to raise capital and provide a platform for fund managers to acquire a portfolio of income-producing assets. Our experience includes equity funds designed to acquire office, multi-family, and raw land portfolios. We regularly negotiate these partnership agreements with individual accredited investors, institutional investors, family offices, and other industry partners.

We represent non-U.S. persons in the creation of investment vehicles for the purpose of engaging in business transactions in the United States. We work closely with clients and their tax advisors both within and outside the United States to determine the most advantageous structure for their investments.

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