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Business Transactions

Our experience includes business sales, acquisitions and merger transactions, in all sectors of business, including, real estate, energy, health care, and others.

We take the time to understand the client’s business, the client’s objectives, and their budget to develop a cost-effective and efficient approach to a merger, acquisition, or business sale transaction.

We represent a number of small businesses, and in many cases act as the de facto general counsel to these companies. This includes dealing with the day-to-day legal issues that arise with any business, including negotiating master service agreements, product sale and purchase agreements, joint venture agreements, employment agreements, and participation agreements for key employees.

Equally as important as the formation and creation strategy, clients need a strategy for the end of their business, whether they are looking at a proposed sale, a transition or succession, or a liquidation. The end of a business requires careful planning to avoid necessary liabilities and complications. We advise clients on their transition plans, wind up plans, and have experience in negotiating business separation agreements, terminations, and wind-ups.

Just because your company is small does not mean your needs are simple. Our experience in representing small businesses for over twenty-five (25) years allows us to quickly and efficiently address problems, and develop cost-effective, creative solutions.

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