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Multifamily Acquisitions, Dispositions, and Financing

We represent buyers, sellers, and owners of multi-family projects throughout the country.

Whether acquiring, selling, or refinancing, we have experience in dealing with this type of asset class. Our experience ranges from single-asset acquisitions and sales to the acquisition of multi-state property portfolios.

We have experience with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financings, life company financing, CMBS, and HUD-insured loan product transactions. The financing products offered by these lenders are unique and carry with them specific underwriting requirements, entity formation and structural requirements, and closing requirements. This includes the structure of the borrower/buyer entity, which are driven by underwriting and securitization requirements, as well as the closing opinions that these lenders require. Buyers and borrowers need experienced counsel to navigate this process and avoid unnecessary expense.

Through our experience we have established strong professional relationships with the leading multi-family loan intermediaries and the law firms representing agency lenders. As a result, we are regularly engaged as Texas counsel or special counsel to represent buyers, borrowers, and owners of multi-family projects. Our experience and relationships allow us to provide cost-effective representation for these niche-type multi-family transactions.

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